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Deep Cleaning? Dont forget these 7 things in your home!

Summer is not only a wonderful time to enjoy the warm weather and the great outdoors, but it is
also a popular season to entertain friends and family. But, as painful as it is to admit, we will most
likely spend most of the summer indoors this year. There are no visitors. In any case, there’s no
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Importance of Washing and Disinfecting the Garments properly to prevent the spread of COVID19

Amid COVID-19 pandemic people are taking all the necessary precautionary steps, from maintaining a safe distance to regular self and space sanitization, to ensure that one doesn’t get infected by the deadly virus. It has been well known thatCOVID-19 spreads primarily from person to person, who are i...

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Germs Free – Deep Cleaning Augmented by Artificial Intelligence for Optimized Services & Customer Experience

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Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are being widely adopted across every sector including the commercial cleaning industry. AI has proven to outsmart the manual functioning and reduce the percentage of ‘human error’ whilst making the process more efficient. Applying of cuttin...

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Why Millennials love to save time over Cumbersome Jobs, and that includes doing Laundry?

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Millennials (born between 1980 to present) are famously quoted as a generation, that focuses on ‘Self’ and wants complete control over their lives. They’re incorrectly labeled as lazy, unpredictable, stubborn and lacking satisfaction at work.

The generation is facing insane challenges unlike...

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A Giant Industry in the making, how tides are about to change for the humble neighbourhood laundries

Time and again you probably have bumped across many riveting detergent advertisements that was hard to escape. But have you ever wondered about the massive scale of this industry. According to market research agency, The Nielsen Company, the market size of fabric cleaning which includes detergents, ...

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Opportunities for the On-Demand Cleaning and Laundry Services in the Post COVID World

The world is facing a tough time with the Corona virus pandemic, which is posing serious public health challenges and has prompted in lockdown of cities worldwide. The virus is mostly known to be spread through respiratory droplets from person to person but health authorities have cautioned on trans...
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Baby Laundry: Caring for your babys clothes

The arrival of the little angel fills the house with joy and wonderful energy. The house is full of
happiness and, of course, tiny trinkets strewed about. Everyone is completely engrossed in the care of
the little marvel. Everything is really well taken care of, from the cradle to the toys. Between th...
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A Clean House for Positive Mental Health and Well-being

The restrictive measure of lockdown or quarantine taken to contain the outbreak of coronavirus has impacted the mental health and well-being of people. The current circumstances of isolation, physical distancing, limited interaction, confinement are resulting into mental health and behavioural issue...

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How Often Should You Hire Professional Cleaners?

Professional cleaning services provide several health benefits. Timely clean-up maintains your and your house’s health. Whether you are shifting to a new apartment or living in your own built home, finding the right cleaning service can keep your shelter free from dust and contri...

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Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Home With these tips!

There are few things more aggravating than a roach infestation. As they look for food, these
persistent pests will make themselves at home in your kitchen, bathroom, and other living places.
Unfortunately, they reproduce quickly, exacerbating the problem. If you’re sick of having these
roaches around ...
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Why should you book Cleanomatics cleaning and sanitizing services?

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In the labyrinth of scores of cleaning services, deciding to pick the best cleaning and sanitising services in Gurgaon and Noida can load you with strings of stress. Dust and allergens in the canneries of your homely spaces, stains in your favourite corners and smudges on the slabs can be a...

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Three Tips To Properly Clean Glassware

Imagine having glass windows filled with lines and stains. Not a pleasant sight at all! Clean glassware is what makes it more appealing and see-through. Whether it is your wine glass or windshield, it is absolutely essential to clean glass materials at regular intervals.

Cleaning Glassware ...

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Tips For Maintaining Interior Paint During Monsoon

Your home is your own personal heaven on earth for you. You build the walls of your home with
utmost love and care. From visualizing the interior to turning it into a reality, your journey is filled
with hard work and determination. After the sweltering summer days, the monsoon is
unquestionably the mo...
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Best Ways To Clean Your Laminate Floorin

Laminate floor cleaning services help keep the floors durable and moisture-resistant. A laminate flooring is cost-effective. It adds an aesthetic look to your house and also offers warranty against fades and stains. 

With the use of dry mops and vacuum cleaners, you can achieve stainless l...

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Cleanomatics franchise and you: An opportunity to get started financially

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Investing in franchise needs extensive rational thinking, prompt consideration and advanced research, since it is a life-changing decision. Taking the plunge would mean to understand the benefits the franchise has in for you and your growth. When it comes to Cleanomatics, the company has be...

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Anti-Termite Treatment to Secure Your Construction Inside Out

Often people are blindsided by the colourful construction work and fail to deal with termite control consciously. Prepping the house from outside gets the upper hand and defeats the importance of a competent anti termite treatment. It is one of the most common mistakes that people mak...

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5 Laundry Tips for People Who Don’t Like Doing Laundry

“Yay! “It’s time to do the laundry!” said nobody, EVER. Laundry is something that many of us have to do on a daily basis. Even if you’ve been doing laundry for years, you’ll occasionally get less-than-ideal results. What went wrong, exactly? Washing clothes can be really tiresome and really boring. ...

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Why Is Efflorescence Treatment Essential When Painting Your Interiors?

Most people forget the importance of an effective efflorescence treatment when getting their homes painted. When ignored, it can cause structural problems and create an eye-soaring scenario.

Efflorescence is the formation of a salt coating on porous and masonry materials, like wood, bricks...

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Curtain Cleaning is Essential to keep your Home Clean and Healthy

Your house is a place where you can unwind and spend quality time with your family and friends. A place where you can sit by the balcony in the evening watching the sunset sipping a good old cup of tea. However, would it still be as magical if you realise your house is not completely clean? Cleaning...

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