How Often Should You Hire Professional Cleaners?

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Professional cleaning services provide several health benefits. Timely clean-up maintains your and your house’s health. Whether you are shifting to a new apartment or living in your own built home, finding the right cleaning service can keep your shelter free from dust and contribute to a happy and healthy living.

Cleaning Points In Your House

Different areas require different focus time due to their ability to contain bacteria and spread germs. With the employment of the best cleaning & sanitizing services in Noida, you can enjoy expert assistance any time of the year, depending on your need.

The most effective professional cleaning schedule is to appoint bi-weekly. However, factors like the amount of time spent in the house, the number of family members, and how often the house gets cleaned play a huge role. 

Areas that require attention for cleaning in your home:

  • Did you know that your bathtubs spread bacteria, causing skin irritation? Bathtubs can lead to 26% more skin allergies than garbage cans. Thus, it requires attention every week.
  • Another focal point is the microwave. It is the hot box inside which you heat your delicacies and serve them to your near and dear ones. Now you do not want to deliver bacterial and infected food, do you? Bacteria spoils your microwave food. Thus, it is crucial to wipe the inner surface at least once a week and professionally disinfect it once every month.
  • Bed bugs are a huge problem in India. Dust mites and bugs often get trapped in between your bed linens. Thus, cleaning it twice every month is imperative.
  • According to empirical studies, salad drawers inside refrigerators are a bacterial hub. The containers you use to keep your fresh greens need a deep clean at least once a month.
  • Carpet cleaning does not require a frequent professional clean-up. Anywhere between once or twice per year does the job. However, studies say that vacuuming carpets is not effective. Instead, it can harm your health. Companies like Cleanomatics know exactly how to get rid of the harmful pathogens by using eco-friendly cleaning agents. Deep-cleaning carpets every 12 months keeps your carpets healthy and free from viruses.
  • It is advisable to run single disc machines and perform deep-cleaning techniques on floors twice a month. From stubborn stains to germs, single disc machines work wonders.

Cleaning Points In Your Office

Office spaces undoubtedly require more frequent attention than houses. An hourly clean-up of the toilets and regular disinfection of work stations are critical.

  • Work stations, which involve your computers, phones, desks, chairs, and the like, must be cleaned after every two days. Proper sanitization, especially at times of COVID-19, requires even more punctual cleaning.
  • Professional deep-cleaning sessions must be carried out in office bathrooms, entranceways, kitchens, and conference halls once every month.
  • To maintain a healthy corporate environment, call professional cleaning services in Gurgaon and Noida once a year for cleaning upholstery.

However, several factors (like the office’s location, crowd’s intensity) play a huge role in influencing the scheduling of a professional clean-up. Our professionals tailor-make cleaning schedules based on your requirements.

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