Opportunities for the On-Demand Cleaning and Laundry Services in the Post COVID World

01.11.23 11:44 AM Comment(s) By usertraining3

The world is facing a tough time with the Corona virus pandemic, which is posing serious public health challenges and has prompted in lockdown of cities worldwide. The virus is mostly known to be spread through respiratory droplets from person to person but health authorities have cautioned on transmission by touching the infected surface. Thereby, it has been advised to sanitize oneself regularly, by means of hand washing, hand sanitizers, avoiding physical contacts etc. and furthermore, to sterilize the surroundings (homes and offices) as well.  Heeding to the advisory towards Covid-19 prevention, people are intensively cleaning and disinfecting their residential and commercial spaces, religiously, with a clear understanding that it is the most important step to be taken for surviving the Corona-crisis.

This heightened awareness on the need for proper cleaning has resulted in increase in demand for professional cleaning & laundry services. The cleaning industry is witnessing a surge in requests for deep cleaning services which includes cleaning every nook and corner of the place; snaring dirt, dust and virus-carrying particles. Responding to the need of the hour for properly sterilizing their surroundings , people are taking all the necessary precautions- such as seeking the help of professional cleaning companies, for a safer situation.

In the pre-covid world, a thorough deep cleaning was just an annual affair for some but in the present crisis situation, it is now considered as a necessity. Compared to casual and regular dust-up, deep cleaning by professionals involves diving into far behind surfaces of cupboards, inside ovens/chimneys, proper cleaning of minor objects such as door knobs, switches, shower heads, handles and even, scrubbing the dust mites along the fine lines of window panes, door frames, walls. Deep cleaning means ensuring dusting, scrubbing, moping and spraying disinfectants without missing a single spot in the whole house.

According to CDC, there are evidences that the novel coronavirus may remain alive for hours to even days on surfaces made from a variety of materials, which also includes clothing. However, there has been no concrete data on which fabrics the virus can sustain itself, since there are a variety of fabrics and the virus is mutating with time, research is being conducted to identify the fabrics that can be contaminated. It has been suggested by experts to wash the clothes carefully, ensuring they are cleaned properly & then disinfected for complete protection.

The researchers and scientists have pointed out on paying attention to the products used for cleaning & washing and have reiterated that certain chemical based products are better for killing the germs. However, access to these speciality chemical products is not easy for the common man. Thus calling for professional help and taking help from experts who work with recommended products, is the best solution.

With increase in demand and evaluating the current situation, the leaders in cleaning and laundry industry like Stadhawk are adhering to every precautionary measure possible, more than ever, to ensure non-transmission of the virus. From using proper safety gears to sanitizing every worker, regular check-ups, disinfecting the equipment after every use, fumigating own commercial spaces and use of recommended chemical products, Stadhawk is fully geared towards addressing the issue and rising up to the occasion.
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