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To fulfil the growing demand for world-class cleaning and sanitisation services in India, Cleanomatics is now expanding its footprint on a massive scale across India through the franchise route. Presently, the company is looking for Unit Franchise, Master cum Unit Franchise, and Area cum Unit Franchise partners



As a Cleanomatics partner, your business gets the unparalleled advantage of our 360-degree branding and marketing strategies that are designed to increase your revenue from the word `Go`.



Grow your average ticket size with repeat orders, increased volume, and lucrative pricing. Run your laundry for 2-3 8 hourly shifts and see your profits multiply with amazing capacity utilization. High returns on your investment only with Cleanomatics.

Optimized Processes to DELIVER GREATER VALUE


Our impeccable supply chain management with route prioritization ensures that all pick-ups and deliveries are always banged on time. An easy onboarding process with your separate vendor login access on our portal gives you greater control to decide on the services and pricing that you wish to provide.

Technology EDGE

Technology EDGE

Our deep technology-driven consumer insights helps your business grow with optimal precision. The magnitude of data that we collect at various data points ensures that we have a strong business growth predictive modeling in place.

Cleanomatics RETAIL OUTLET

Cleanomatics RETAIL OUTLET 

Throughout the lifespan of Cleanomatics, we have proudly maintained a completely digital presence, thanks to our incredibly strong tech backbone.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our first retail outlet: Cleanomatics Spa !

We believe that your clothes deserve a luxurious spa treatment, just like you do. Pamper your garments with the exceptional care they deserve, because they are more than just fabric—they hold precious memories and stories. At Cleanomatics Spa, we ensure that your clothes receive the finest treatment, preserving their beauty and the cherished moments they represent.

Satya The Hive, Dwarka Expy, Sector 102, Gurugram, Haryana 122505 

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