Importance of Washing and Disinfecting the Garments properly to prevent the spread of COVID19

01.11.23 12:00 PM Comment(s) By usertraining3

Amid COVID-19 pandemic people are taking all the necessary precautionary steps, from maintaining a safe distance to regular self and space sanitization, to ensure that one doesn’t get infected by the deadly virus. It has been well known thatCOVID-19 spreads primarily from person to person, who are in close contact, and can also possibly be transmitted by touching an infected surface or object. But, not much is talked about the clothes- which are closest to the body and a part of daily necessities. Did you know that the virus can thrive on clothes or the way you wash your clothes can actually make them dirtier?

The clothes are carrier of germs and dirt, if you’ve been in a crowded place or have been sneezing in your elbows. The fabric can carry the germs or virus for up to a week, if not cleaned and disinfected properly. Washing of clothes correctly is a technique, which we tend to ignore while washing at home. Use of right type of detergent, quantity of detergent, rinsing to drying, every step is essential to ensure that no germ is left on the clothes. The work of detergents is to loosen and bind to dirt, and on rinsing lifting it up and out of clothes. If the detergent isn’t completely rinsed out, neither are the germs.Reaching out to professionals for laundry service for better and safe washing is the wise decision of the hour.

Often people get confused between dry cleaning and laundry cleaning services; hence mix out the clothes while sending them for services. One must read the washing instructions mentioned on a tag inside the garments. Though one must not panic during this time but keep in mind to treat your clothes like your skin, they can be the carrier of germs. Wash them frequently. It is wise to use the right process of washing on the fabric for best results.

A surge in number of people using professional companies to clean their garments has been noted. The professionals save the time while ensuring that the clothes are cleaned thoroughly and treated with right care. The dirty clothes are manually inspected and depending upon the dirt and fabric type, the garments are laundered in dry or wet process. Professional launderers are equipped with best machinery that uses specific amount for solvents and detergents, for maximum efficiency.

Industrial laundry professionals like Cleanomatics are experienced providers qualified with necessary skills in every part of the cleaning requirement. The services include washing, drying, steaming/ironing, folding and delivering. The companies have the right cleaning products and tools for incredible results and services. Though, people are sometimes are in dilemma of using the service due to coronavirus scare but one must keep in mind that the professionals are more concerned about non-spread of virus and thereby, makes sure to meet the hygiene and quality standards.
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