When Should You Paint During A Renovation?

13.10.23 11:07 AM Comment(s) By Apratim Banerjee

When Should You Paint During A Renovation?

Renovating homes is all about embarking on a fun journey of picking your favorite colours and painting your dream home. Jazzing up spaces calls for professional painting services to refresh the rooms and hallways with paints as it gives a revitalized look. The right paint job can give your place a perfect makeover, giving you a fresh outlook on life.

If you’ve chosen your favorite palette of shades for your house, it is clear that you are quite excited about the transformation. However, when it comes to renovating homely spaces it involves a lot of work. From plumbing to electrical, there will be many workers walking into your space to work on your dream project. Thus, the noteworthy question is, when should you paint during renovating your homes, before or after the completion of projects? Let’s hold this question for a while and understand your renovation checklist first, shall we?

Renovation Checklist

Every renovation checklist differs. A few lists are not at all complex while the others have boxes of demolition and rebuilding spaces from scratch to be ticked. Hence, when you consider painting the walls, keep this idea rooted in your mind. Let us now understand that if you find painting your spaces on the top of your renovation checklist, then it might shoot a few problems. No one wants dings and scratches on their freshly painted walls, right? Furthermore, starting too early means that it will take time for the paint to dry up thus, causing smudges and smears.

Now, coming back to the question of whether you should paint your homes, before or after the completion of projects? Many people believe that it is best to paint the walls before merely because it sounds convenient. In certain situations, it is actually sensible to get a fresh coat of paint before commencing other work. 

For example: When you want to lay down the carpet, painting the walls later would only mean drenching the new fabric and leaving it spattered with paint. However, in some situations, painting before undertaking other tasks necessarily is not a prudent task. Let’s have a look where you should not consider painting before commencing other work:

Flooring Projects

Ideally, you should take care of the major structural work first. However, when it comes to the flooring projects it is better to install the tiles first to ensure that the painting professionals can have a better idea to cover fine details at an ease. Furthermore, the process of flooring spreads a lot of sand causing debris and dust to stick to the freshly painted coats. This is exactly what no one wants. 

On the other hand, if you paint the room first and place the tiles later, in no small measure, paint spots can wreak havoc on the newly placed tiles. However, the right professionals take care of the same and cover the tiles before picking brushes in their hands. Your dream home deserves to be perfect; it deserves the professionals you are looking for. Hence, resort to Cleanomatics’ painting services where painters bring in years of experience to jazz up your homes with utmost precaution and care.

Bathroom and Kitchen Projects

Let’s have a quick look at what all needs to be taken care of when it comes to the bathroom and kitchen projects. From remodeling, structural changes, replacing floors, rebuilding of cabinets, replacing appliances to getting permanent fixtures. Getting a list of all of these jobs done can do a lot of damage to your walls. Thus, it is advised to get permanent fixtures and then apply the fresh coats of paint.


You obviously don’t want to paint the room only to realize that the room furnishings don’t go with your pick. Thus, it is advised to fix the look of the room, pick & match furnishings & then pick interiors with the paint. This might sound scary in your head whether your furnishings might match the painted walls or not. It can be a real drag. You might feel tempted to set up your furnishings in the rooms first and then paint the walls. 

However, do not succumb to temptation as the painters might have a hard time moving around in the furnished room during the process. You can pick your furnishing while the professional painters can paint your dream house. Fret not. Our squad of professional painters ensure that they can work both before or after redecorating the room. Anything that suits your convenience makes us happy.

It is time to seek help from the paint experts!

We bring you our squad of professional painters. Let’s paint the dream of your home, together, shall we? We love colours, we love professionalism. We love what happens when they both come together. Allow us to take care of your finishes with utmost care and years of experience. Watch your homely spaces being unfolded, pick the paints you love and love the spaces you live in for years to come. With the squad’s knowledge, and dripping passion your home will completely transform. Come get in touch with our team behind the desks. Get a quote on our tailored painting services, today!

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