Get your winter wear and blankets ready within 24 hrs with our express laundry services.

14.10.23 06:36 AM Comment(s) By Apratim Banerjee

Get your winter wear and blankets ready within 24 hrs with our express laundry services.

This winter , give your winter wears and blankets the warmth and the love which they need to reciprocate the same.
Your winter wears and your blankets need special care love so that they can shower and reciprocate the same warmth and love throughout the winters and make this pink misty winters even more pink and pleasant . When they cuddle you you feel like a baby being hugged nothing but the best.

Now how is this possible in our busy schedule and in this time?

If you stay near Gurgaon, Noida and Kolkata you will be happy to know that we at Cleanomatics provide express laundry services and deliver within 24 hours, yes, you heard it right WITHIN 24 HOURS 

We all are very well aware that this pandemic has reiterated the importance of keeping of hygienic environment .While we hope that the pandemic and soon we should continue these practices and make it our everyday habits to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. This sounds good but for people who are extremely busy in the daily chores or office works or or some other activity, they find it tough and cumbersome to take out time for such extensive laundry.

We at Cleanomatics welcome you all with warm heart and folded hands


 and want you all to know that  why we are so different and why you should choose us over other laundry services for your winter wears and blankets.

Open germs and viruses stick to our winter clothes and can be the biggest carriers of not only this covid-19 but various other diseases. When we return home from any public place, it is necessary to immediately put the clothes for a wash to ensure no germs or viruses get  passed on within homes especially for people working in the frontline or engaged in professions for which they need to step out daily even more stringent measures should be followed by washing the clothes and other belongings separately where washing machines can provide more hygienic wash.

And friends ,here comes the main role play of Cleanomatics, as we not only take the utmost care of your garments ,blankets etc but we also make sure that it is delivered within 24 hours as we know and understand that you as our valued clients would not  keep buying clothes again and again and would like to repeat provided they are hygienically cleaned and delivered as soon as possible.

So get ready to book your orders NOW and be rest assured that we are not only affordable to both residential and commercial clients , we also believe in long term relationship.  We are not   only specialized in domestic laundry but we provide laundry services for commercial purposes we understand that it is difficult to invigorate your commercial laundry hence we offer effective cleaning services for difficult stains like oil wine alcohol grease and dirt.

All this is done true zero contact laundry services and highly specialized  sanitizing process.
We take care of each and every kind of fabric ,be it your blankets your winter wears your lenin etc. We are very well equipped to meet all your minutest needs.

We take immense pride in the quality of our work to deliver the laundry back to you renewed,  ready  and to put back to work within 24 hours keeping in mind ” the zero contact/ contact less” express laundry services.
Find us… Call us.. book us.. and.. ,trust, you will Love us…

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