Effective Tips For A Sparkling Bathroom

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Effective Tips For A Sparkling Bathroom

We believe that bathroom cleaning doesn’t need to be daunting or scary. It should not be about getting your hands on the rack stacked with expensive bathroom cleaners. Let’s open a fortune cookie, shall we? We bring you methods to clean your bathroom spaces where the idea of cleaning will not be as complicated and strenuous as you think.

You can easily keep the dirt and grime at bay with the natural alternatives we bring to you. Are you ready to have gleaming results in no time? 

Let’s unlock a listicle of tips by our bathroom cleaning services experts to ensure that every inch of your bathroom is spick and span.

Squeaky Clean Baths and Basins: Baths and basins are the easiest spaces to clean in the bathroom, all you need is a bathroom cleaner and a damp cloth. However, avoid bathroom cleaning on a regular basis as the enameled surface can be damaged. It is always advised to pick a mild bathroom cleaner.

Furthermore, ensure that the spaces around the plughole are cleaned too since bacteria and dirt tends to linger on these spaces. Avoid using bleach, since the glossy surface will be destroyed. To remain on the safer side, you can resort to warm soapy water and then dry it up with a soft cloth.

Fresh and Shiny Taps: For a natural solution, you can take white vinegar and a cotton pad to rub the taps gently. Once you are done with the bathroom cleaning process, rinse them with lukewarm water. You can also pick a washing liquid for a quick clean wash. To get rid of the limescale, a mild solution of lemon juice can do absolute wonders.

Prevent Mould Growing: After hot water baths, we generally tend to close the doors. This means that your bathroom is acting as the breeding ground for mould in the humid atmosphere. The best thing to do is wipe the wet tiles after the very shower, open the bathroom window and leave the door open for a while. To keep your bathroom spaces clean, in the longer run, it is advised to get an extractor fan fitted.

Easy Grout Cleaning: Grout on the bathroom tiles is no new news. However, you need to clean up the discoloration on the tiles since it looks very dirty. All you need is an old toothbrush and diluted bleach. After mixing the solution pick your bathroom cleaning sword and gently rub on the areas which have stains. In the near future remember, if you are planning to format tiles, go for mega slabs and large tiles to reduce the problems of grout cleaning.

Keep your Bathroom Spaces Clutter-Free: Placing storage baskets in your bathroom spaces not only looks stylish but also ensures that your bathroom doesn’t look like a dumping ground. It is time to hide away the toiletries, taking up unnecessary space to give your bathroom a clean-up in a snap. Once you clear out the extra, you actually understand that your bathroom space is huge, it was just the extra bits hiding it all.

Bacteria- free Toilet Seats: It is very important to clean the toilet seats on a regular basis since a lot of bacteria lingers over the area. Warm soapy water every alternative day should keep the surface clean whereas use chemical cleaners after every 3-4 days. However, ensure that you should not use the abrasive cleaners on a regular basis since it tends to damage the surface.

Freshen up the Curtains: The shower curtains in your bathroom have seen a lot, literally. They tend to get dirty and stained with every shower you take. Thus, it is better to get rid of stains once every week. You can make a solution of bleach and water or else use the detergent powder. Allow the curtains to rest in the solution and then wash them with cold water.

Thankfully, there is no need for you to spend a fortune on expensive bathroom cleaning products. It is time to wave goodbye to the mounted dirt, grime, and rust at an ease with easy bathroom cleaning hacks. Now, considering the fact that every bathroom varies, some have glass materials, while the others have stainless steel, wood, and chromes. Allow us to introduce to you a tailored guide to ensure that your bathroom materials can stay absolutely spick and span:


The glass spaces in your bathroom tend to gather limescale, which becomes difficult to remove over a period of time.  Thus, it is very important to clean these surfaces regularly. Stick to easy methods, mix vinegar, and water and rub gently. If you ever run out of vinegar, you can also resort to lime juice. Ensure that you dilute the citrus solution with water. Under no circumstances should you pick abrasive chemicals, allow the professionals to pick up the right chemicals for your bathroom.


The thing with acrylics is that these surfaces require lots of attention and regular cleaning. After every bath, you take, rinse spaces with cold water and then dry it up immediately. Furthermore, acrylic is soft than porcelain and ceramics, thus it is not advised to use harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners or scouring powders. These merely cause the scratching of the surfaces. Furthermore, prevent getting ready in acrylic bathrooms since encounters with hair dyes, nail paints, aftershave, nail polish, perfumes, and bleach can cause permanent discoloration. It is wise to pick professional bathroom cleaning services when it comes to bathrooms with acrylic surfaces.

Stainless Steel

Steel encounters corrosion and rusting, thus it is very necessary to keep stainless steel surfaces clean. It is necessary to pick the appropriate proprietary bathroom cleaner since the wrong one can leave tough spots. Even you see light stains, then it is advised to rise these surfaces with lukewarm soapy water.  


Shower Fittings and Bathroom taps generally have chrome plating finishing. To ensure that these surfaces are fresh and clean you can pick a proprietary cleaner. However, do not opt for harsher chemicals as they tend to cause spots, which are permanent. It is best to resort to professional bathroom cleaning services when it comes to cleaning chrome surfaces.


Wood surfaces in the bathroom are very difficult to maintain since they tend to get the wet, time and again. It is very important to keep them dry to avoid soaking up of water, thus keep a soft cloth handy to damp the wooden textures.

Do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring powders on wooden surfaces, as they tend to spoil the textures. You can get your hands on wooden wax polish to ensure that they look sparkling clean and do not soak water after every time you take a shower.

At the end of the busy week, you dream of staying in your personal oasis with DIY hair masks, a relaxing bubble bath with scented salts, binge watch your favorite series while gorging on pints of ice cream bucket. Doesn’t it sound exactly what you need after juggling all week long at work? However, what if you had to scrub bathrooms on the weekend and cancel away all your plans? Sounds scary, doesn’t it? In no small measure, cleaning bathrooms regularly and not having long-term effects can be really stressful.

The best way is to relax your stressed nerves and choose bathroom cleaning services by a professional team. We understand that you need to indulge in a self-care routine thus, we ensure that our bathroom cleaning squad at Cleanomatics will be available at your picked hour, as per your convenience. Allow our team to leave you happy and stress-free with cleaning miracles.

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