Three Tips To Properly Clean Glassware

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Imagine having glass windows filled with lines and stains. Not a pleasant sight at all! Clean glassware is what makes it more appealing and see-through. Whether it is your wine glass or windshield, it is absolutely essential to clean glass materials at regular intervals.

Cleaning Glassware using TASKI R3

Cleaning and sanitizing services wipe off lines from glassware by using Diversey’s TASKI R3. It is one of the most predominantly used glass cleaning agents that never fails to disappoint.

Cleanomatics professional cleaners dilute 10-20ml of TASKI R3 in 1 liter of water to clean glass surfaces. The dilution is sprayed directly on a dry, clean cloth and used to clean all kinds of glass materials. The cloth is also replaced regularly after use for contamination-free cleaning in the future.

A Homemade Glass Window Cleaner

If you want a quick solution right within the comfort of your home, then we have a trick for you! Grab a spray bottle and mix a cup of isopropyl alcohol, a cup of water, and a tablespoon of vinegar. Alcohol and vinegar work together to create magic on mirrors and other glassware.

Finding The Right Cloth

When cleaning glass surfaces, it is crucial to find the right cloth for wiping the delicate surface. Glassware loves microfiber cloths over cotton towels. The latter leaves behind lines and lint, making your glass lose its shine and finish.

When washing glassware, make sure to squeeze out the excess water from the cleaning cloth to prevent dripping. The traditional bucket and washer have always been one of the favorite duos to clean glass surfaces.

Tools Used To Clean Glassware

Many professionals take the assistance of window washers or scrubbers to clean smeared glass windows. Washing the delicate glass can be time-consuming. Thus it is necessary to select the right tool for quick results.

Professional cleaners use washers with swivel handles to reach every nook and corner and clean them. It helps in accessing the difficult angles and cleans in a jiffy. Other professional cleaners also use a squeegee to wipe and scrub glass windows clean and dry.

Borax Can Clean Glass Windows

Did you know that the chemical compound, Borax, can clean glass windows? A dilution of two tablespoons of the compound mixed with three cups of water provides you one of the best solutions for cleaning windows. By dipping a microfiber cloth in the mixture, you are ready to wipe off every dirt from your glassware!

Whatever it is that you wish to use for cleaning glassware, make sure to use cleaning solutions in moderation. Using too much of it can affect the glass’s nature and create streaks.

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