Pest Control Say Goodbye To The Unwanted Guests At Your Home

14.10.23 05:30 AM Comment(s) By Apratim Banerjee

Pest Control – Say Goodbye To The Unwanted Guests At Your Home

Your cosy dwelling can be your place of comfort, where you experience nothing but pure bliss and joy. A place that you build it into a home with your parents, spouse, or all by yourself. A place when you come back to give you nothing but a sense of security, belongingness, and indescribable happiness.

A place you call home! Have you ever wondered if unwanted guests are hiding in the dark dingy corners of your beautiful homely spaces? Now that is something you definitely do not want. Before we tell you all about our impeccable services, let us first tell you the signs to discover the problem. Here’s why you should get rid of it at the earliest by availing pest control services.

There are many online articles and YouTube videos bombing you with their various tips and tricks. We understand that calling in experts comes with a price tag attached, but so does DIY. Each remedy that you buy at the stores costs you a fortune. While you’re waiting for your latest DIY-inspired pest control solution to do its job, the pests could be causing some real significant damage.

Here are some signs you should drop that pesticide, pick up that phone, and call the experts for Pest Control Services  

Property Damage – Has something been gnawing on your furniture, rugs, clothing, or walls? Are there pencil-thin tunnels running along your walls? Have you encountered any chewed-upon wiring? Do you come across a mountain of wooden crumbles behind the doors? Have you seen unexplained black eggs? Yes. These are all signs of pest-inflicted property damage.

What do you think is the cost of letting pests go uncontrolled? Well, if you’re lucky, it will be nothing more than tossing out a favourite sweater chewed up by a mouse. But, at the other end of the scale, it could be your house. Rodent-gnawed wires are a well-known explanation for electrical fires. Carpenter ants and termite damage can make the very structure of your house extremely unsafe.

Droppings and Urine – If you’ve noticed droppings and wet urine spots that are unexplained to you, it’s the doing of your unwanted guests. Cockroach droppings usually are smaller compared to the rodents’ droppings and look like ground pepper. Both are major health concerns for your family and pets because these can lead to deadly diseases. 

Scratching and rustling sounds – If you hear rustling from inside the walls, they are probably disruptive carpenter ants who are there to wreck the strength of your house. The bad news is the pests have invaded your house and you need to take quick action.

Pest sightings – Finding cockroaches in the nook and corners of your homes can be super distressing. There’s an old adage that, for each cockroach you see, there are 100 more living within the walls. The numbers may not be correct, but if you see any household pest – like a mouse, rat, ants, cockroach, termite, or even the bed bugs infestation – there are probably more nearby.

Are cockroaches dangerous for humans?

Many times, we see a cockroach near our kitchen platform, bedside, or under the sofa and tend to ignore it. But, is it actually just a cockroach? Are you sure it’s causing no harm to you, your family, and even your pet?

The dangers of cockroaches mostly have to do with the diseases these dirty pests carry. They are known to carry dozens of varieties of bacteria and are linked to outbreaks of dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera, and typhoid fever. Cockroaches can especially cause major food contamination leading to food poisoning. The cockroaches not only affect your health but also cause allergies.

You heard us! This is something that is not in the public consciousness and it is the fact that cockroaches do cause some severe allergies. The allergies can include sneezing, skin rashes, and nasal drip. But what’s the worst of it all is that according to the expert doctors’ cockroaches are one of the worst sources of asthma attacks.

When a cockroach drops its skin, eggs, saliva, droppings, body parts, all of it leads to an allergic reaction which is triggered by the enzymes present in the cockroaches.

The bottom line is that the dangers of cockroaches are more serious than people think. Just because these pests are small and you rarely see them, doesn’t mean you can relax your guard. Cockroaches are a serious problem for homeowners, and also people in the food business. You need to implement measures to prevent them. It’s also critical that you immediately do something about these pests as soon as they are spotted.

Are ants dangerous for humans?

A question that must constantly linger in the back of your mind – these notorious creatures who show up invited at our picnics and dining tables, are ants just a nuisance, or do they pose a threat to the safety of your family, their health, your beautiful home, and your pet? Here’s the ‘all you should know’ on ants, ant bites, and their potential for causing damage.

Bites and Stings – Although an ant bite is hardly serious, those caused by fire and harvester ants can require immediate medical attention and be very painful.

Allergies – Ants can cause serious skin rashes, reddening, and itching.

Ant danger to pets – Not only do ants sting humans, but also other animals. It’s not life-threatening but sometimes multiple stings can cause your pet to be restless and hyperactive leading to disturbance in the household.

Ant danger to your home – Ants can weaken the entire structure of your home if not controlled and finished in time. They rip off all the wooden furniture and the walls too over a period of time. The real threat ants possess is in the home that you have built with so much hard work, love, and patience.

Cleanomatics – Your ‘A’ Team to kick out the unwanted

The A team of professional pest control services is here to help you with everything that you need, from prepping for the day of freedom to even help you with what to do after the services are done so the invaders don’t come back. The better prepping you do, the quicker the job is done.

We treat you and your family like our own. And so, we ensure to leave no stone unturned in keeping your safe place actually safe. You will not find a more promising, reliable, and trustworthy service. You have your eyes on just the right partner for this journey. Congratulations on hitting the jackpot! Even your tarot cards read freedom, freedom, and freedom!

We believe in earning your trust and our way of doing that is ensuring that our highly skilled and professional team of pest control services at Cleanomatics takes care of your home the way we take care of our home. After all, you’re an important part of the Cleanomatics family. So, sit back and relax while you allow our well-equipped and well-trained professionals to transform your home into the healthy and beautiful place that it is supposed to be.

Don’t ignore those cockroaches and ants, or any other pests for that matter. 

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