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This Diwali  lets deep clean and declutter ourselves spiritually  through peace  and start the journey of solace.

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DIWALI for most of us is cleaning our houses our surroundings, lighting our houses, wishing each other, sharing sweets, gifts, playing cards, drinks new dresses, etc.

Well how many of us would have actually  understood the meaning of deep cleaning, decluttering which is not just externally but internally ,which is not just confined to our materialistic achievements  but our mind  our soul so as to bring lots of positive energy within us and around us 

How many of us  would have understood that deep cleaning not only means external hygiene but internal hygiene which involves your mind your heart your body  in totality.

So now where should we  start from? This is the first question which will haunt our minds. Without pondering too much on this let’s make a list of to dos to organize our cleaning campaign.

And what best can this pandemic teach us as to what we exactly don’t need in life what all we were piling on unnecessarily. And bingo!!
You will realize that there were so many things which were not needed and still we were hooked up on .The next question should again haunt   your mind is why did we we gather or accumulated so many materialistic desire  when we actually could have easily lived without them or could have capped it.

For a better insight let’s look into the following statistics: we should know that the apparel  market has grown almost 13.8% in FY 2018 as compared to FY 2010.This means that apparel market has grown from approximately 1946billion in 2010 to 5048 billion in the year 2018

With metro cities like Delhi Mumbai Bangalore as the the maximum buyers.

One question we would like to get an answer from all our readers/ viewers that can spending more bring more joy? Wanting things makes us happy than having one.

Shouldn’t we cap this thought, if not eradicate?

Yes we should as things are short lived, materialistic desire is endless and  can only make a hole in the pocket, extra apparel  can only add an extra shelf in your cupboard.

Why do we document so many things when we actually don’t need them is it only because we have a desire to acquire or we are in a rat race to prove ourselves better than others?

More clothes, new new vehicles more ornaments more more and only more.. Where is the end to it….

Can this Diwali 2020 be the change ..Can we bring a revolution.. from where we can take a pledge to clean our minds our soul  and make it healthy physically mentally and karmically.

How many of us are ready to clean the shelf of old habits, old grudges junk obsessions, junk lifestyle and healthy people ,toxic people and try and inculcate some good practice and pledge together that yes we together will deep clean our old cupboards of hatred, anger ,grudges, unhealthy obsession, healthy people and we will prove that good riddance of bad rubbish is the actual way of cleanliness.

Here comes one very important and crucial role of human beings to understand the the negative impact of credit cards ,loans , EMIs.

Roughly since 2015 the credit card purchase has been owned over 27 % annually. Household loan per person has grown 11.3%. EMI per percent till January 2019 is 16000 INR.

Personal loan shares 17.1 9% as per January 2019 survey. This proves to a larger extent that we are spending more than we are earning How many of us are saving from what we are earning?

As per the recent survey ironically only one third of Indian saves. This is a real sad state of affairs. Time to rethink time ,to ponder time to clean up our finances. Let’s understand that retail therapy is a misnomer. This is the biggest miss which is surrounding all of us and actually engulfing our major chunk of mind. Don’t think that online shopping is a kind of therapy it is killing time it’s a waste of money it’s a waste of resource. So should we not do online shopping? Well we should definitely yes but in moderation. Shop wisely don’t get into consumer clustering. Moderation is the key and to know how moderation works just rewind and revisit from March 2020 till November 2020. Sit back and rethink you will get the answer to moderation. How many of us know that consumer clutter is to be blamed for depression, for being antisocial and on a wider spectrum emission of global warming.

So do we really pay money to be sad or do we pay money to be happy. Wine expensive vehicles expensive houses if not needed is actually robbing us from human happiness.

This Diwali let’s deep clean ourselves and widen our sense of prosperity our sense of having peace in life, we get peace true healthy relationships let’s revisit our priorities let’s make our surrounding pleasant let’s grow spiritually so that our aura ,which is made of everything we earned physically mentally and karmically, become so attractive so clean hygienically sorted that your presence itself is enough.

Happy Diwali , Have a peaceful , mindful and spiritual Diwali with good health mentally physically and karmically.

Team Cleanomatics ?

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