Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Home With these tips!

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There are few things more aggravating than a roach infestation. As they look for food, these
persistent pests will make themselves at home in your kitchen, bathroom, and other living places.
Unfortunately, they reproduce quickly, exacerbating the problem. If you’re sick of having these
roaches around in your homely spaces, it is time to get rid of the roaches! Cockroaches are without a
doubt the most loathed pests on the planet. They are not only disease carriers, but also indicators of
an unsanitary environment. Let’s not even talk about the fact that they can FLY (the horror)!
Households are easy prey for these obnoxious animals, who primarily infest the kitchen or other
areas where they believe they may thrive. It’s no surprise that people are continuously looking for
cockroach home cures. They multiply at an alarming rate, so it’s critical to keep them under control
while you still can. One may think that just a professional pest control service is a convenient option but we also
have some natural Indian remedies and preventative strategies that you can try. These techniques
make use of items that are often found in households.

What Draws Cockroaches to Your Residence?

Whatever type of pest you have, whether it’s roaches, ants, termites, or rodents, they’re all looking
for food and water, which they may readily find in your home. Roaches, in particular, are drawn to
warm, humid areas like Mumbai, where they can find:
· Dishes in the sink are filthy – Dirty dishes in the sink are one of the most typical sources of
cockroach infestations. It’s always a good idea to wash your dishes as soon as possible after
each meal. Just do not leave sink overnight!

1.Crumbs on the counters or on the flooring – Cockroaches prefer to congregate around food
crumbs and leftovers. It’s no surprise that the kitchen is their favorite room! Maintain a
clean kitchen at all times. After cooking, sweep the floor and wipe the kitchen countertops
2. Garbage – Cockroaches and waste are inextricably linked! There are certain to be bugs in
your home if you have open and overflowing garbage cans. To ensure hygiene, choose
garbage cans with lids. Waste should be separated and disposed of at regular periods
3. Excess pet food on the floor 
4. Excess moisture
5. Food that has been left over in cans or containers that have been emptied


How Do Roaches Get Into Your House? 
Roaches are drawn to your house for a multitude of reasons (some of which are stated above), but
attractiveness is only the beginning. To cause havoc, they must be able to get access to your home.
The most typical ways for these sneaky pests to get into your home are:

  • Crevices and cracks
  • Vents and pipelines with holes
  • Getting a ride on things
  • Here is what you can do to avoid further infestation of these invaders.


Clean your house thoroughly
Cockroaches have infested the woman’s home, so she’s cleaning it to get rid of them.

Although it may seem obvious, roaches are drawn to dirt and filth because they are continuously on
the search for new food sources. Keeping your home clean is the simplest way to keep roaches out.
Make certain to take the following steps:

  • After each meal, wash and put away the dishes.
  • Clean up crumbs and spills as soon as possible.
  • Before going to night, take out the trash and clean the grease from the stovetop.
  • Food should be sealed in containers.
  • Clean your mops on a regular basis.


Boric Acid
Boric acid is thought to be one of the most effective cockroach home treatments. Dust a small
amount of this powder in corners and floors for optimal effects, then let it sit until roaches come
into contact with it and die. When boric acid gets moist, it is ineffective. if you want to take a do-it-
yourself strategy. To make a dough, combine equal parts boric acid, flour, and sugar. Place dough
balls around the house for cockroaches to eat. The roaches will be attracted to the flour and sugar,
but the boric acid will kill them. Simply place the dough where you know roaches are likely to be
found, such as behind your refrigerator, stove, and cupboard and drawer backs. The roaches will be
killed by the boric acid, which will then become food for more roaches. While this method is very
effective at killing roaches, it is extremely harmful to pets. Do not do this at home if you have a furry
pet in the house.

Bay Leaves
Did you know you can get rid of cockroaches by raiding your spice cabinet? If you have a soft spot for
these obnoxious pests and don’t want to kill them, this method may come in handy. Crush a few bay
leaves and place them in your cupboards or other places where you’ll see them frequently. You can
also boil some leaves and spray the water into diseased areas. This desi strategy should deter them.

Neem Leaves
Over the years, neem has been utilised as a natural cure for a variety of things, including pests.
Cockroaches are killed with neem oil or powder, which includes powerful components. To use it as
an oil, combine a tiny amount of neem oil with water in a spray bottle and spray it in areas where
these pests have been observed. If you’re using neem powder, all you have to do is sprinkle it in
cockroach-infested areas at night and do it again the next morning.

Store-Bought Baits
Using store-bought roach baits is another widespread method of roach control. The insecticide is
disguised as a food source in chemical baits. Roaches ingest the insecticide and die when they return
to their nests. They are eaten by other roaches, which spreads the poison throughout the colony.
Chemical baits should be placed near garbage cans, sinks, and cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms.

Baking Soda
This is a classic application of the fish and bait strategy. A mixture of baking soda and sugar is an
efficient cockroach killer that prevents the pests from multiplying. Cockroaches will be attracted to
the sugar, and the baking soda will kill them. All you have to do now is locate their hiding places and
sprinkle this mixture in certain areas.

Professional Exterminators
The truth is that roaches are tenacious critters, and even if you follow all of these DIY roach control
strategies, you may still have an infestation. If these tried-and-true methods haven’t worked, you’ll
most likely require a professional pest control exterminator to treat your property. Termite and
rodent control is a specialty of Cleanomatics’ skilled personnel. With Cleanomatics’ fast Pest Control
Services, you can keep your house secure from hazardous infections. With their skilled staff and
highly successful tasks, your house will be completely free of any kind of pest. Don’t think much, if
you want a pest free life, call Cleanomatics today and jump right into the world of stress free,
healthy, and happy life with your loving family.
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