How to clean and sanitize after someone has Covid-19?

14.10.23 11:21 AM Comment(s) By Apratim Banerjee

How to clean and sanitize after someone has Covid-19?

In these uncertain times where the world is hanging by a thread to the hope of a ‘normal’ future, many of us are struggling to kick out the virus that has invaded our homely abode. Covid-19 is that unwanted and unexpected guest that got the world as a united front against it. One can never be too cautious against it. While most of us are lucky to have mild symptoms to no symptoms, and can recover quickly, is that true for everyone else living in your family? It is not necessary that if you have a great immune system that can fight off COVID-19, then the elder members or the kids of your family can, too. 

You are a superhero. Keep fighting. And when you have won the battle, we will come to your homely abode and fight our battle of ensuring that we eliminate every last trace of the virus. We, at Cleanomatics, pledge to kick the bad guy, coronavirus, out of your house. Our sanitization services are thorough and are performed by highly performed, skilled and trained superheroes who know exactly what they are doing and who have the heart and passion to leave you in a space that is safe for you and your family.

With the second wave of coronavirus infections threatening to bring India’s healthcare system to its knees, many people are not just caring for their relatives but themselves healing at home. While the initial fear of COVID-19 spreading through surfaces has faded, it is still vital to sanitise your homely abode following a COVID-19 infection.

What Can You Do To Prevent Another Person Getting Infected?

Here’s a little something that you should enlighten yourself with to ensure you are taking enough measures and precautions to keep you and your unaffected family members safe.

Thorough Sanitisation

Sanitation is essential. But how do you do it? What are the goods that can be used? Which surfaces should be sanitised? Before you start cleaning, make sure you have on masks and disposable gloves. After using the gloves, make sure you throw them away and wash your hands right away. If there’s a chance the product will splash, put on goggles. When utilising chemical disinfectants, make sure the area you’re cleaning is sufficiently ventilated. Cleaning and sweeping should be done with dust mops or damp mops rather than a broom. 

Let Your Room Breathe

Closing a room for a week is the easiest way to secure it when someone in your home has Covid-19. At that point, the infection will be dormant. Furthermore, the longer you wait, the less dangerous it is to clean. If you can’t wait that long, clean and disinfect the room properly before moving in. Opening all windows for a day or two provides for good ventilation and, to some extent, aids in the removal of the virus.

Clean All The Surfaces

When a sick person coughs, sneezes, or talks, the germs spread. You can also get infected by touching a surface that contains flu viruses on it. To avoid this, the sick individual should be isolated in a different room. This will decrease germ exposure to the rest of the family and require you to clean a smaller area.

Once the disease has run its course, the sick person’s room or rooms, as well as the objects he or she came into touch with, must be cleansed and disinfected. We’ve learned over the last year that surfaces don’t play a substantial role in virus transmission since the virus is unlikely to survive long on them. A basic brush of surfaces with an alcohol-based sanitiser (at least 70% alcohol) should be sufficient. Begin with items that are frequently touched in the home, such as doorknobs, tables, switches, refrigerator handles, and the phone. Leave a disinfectant spray on for a few minutes before wiping it away. Disinfection does not happen instantly. We spend the majority of our time resting while we are sick. Spending time in bed while sick with a cold or fever might cause germs or bacteria to settle in the fabric. It’s crucial to wash the bed linens in hot water to keep them from sticking around. If there are any stuffed animals, they should also be cleaned. 

Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Living Rooms, Every Single Corner Should Be Sanitised And Cleaned

We spend the majority of our time resting while we are sick. Spending time in bed while sick with a cold or fever might cause germs or bacteria to settle in the fabric. It is critical to wash the bed linens after each use to prevent them from lingering. If there are any stuffed animals, they should also be cleaned. Cover the furnishings in the living room with a washable sheet to prevent contamination. Make the person sit in a separate chair if at all possible. Avoid using ornamental cushions, and keep the tables and controls clean on a daily basis. Bathrooms are breeding areas for bacteria and germs. They should be cleaned with antibacterial disinfectants on a regular basis. If you share a bathroom with the ill person, make sure to clean it on a frequent basis. You’ll be astonished to learn that when someone in the house gets sick, the bathroom faucets and door knobs develop cold and flu viruses. So, clean them on a daily basis and make sure the sink and floor are thoroughly cleaned. Also, don’t share the ill person’s hand towel because it could spread infection. It is preferable not to let the sick individual prepare meals for the rest of the household. Handwashing is sufficient in this scenario to prevent the infection from spreading. Disinfectant wipes and sprays should be used to wipe off commonly handled items such as tables, chair backs, refrigerator handles, and drawers.

Best Sanitization Services for you

Cleanomatics has always been at the forefront of ensuring that you have access to a clean, sanitary, hygienic, and healthy environment. Our top-of-the-line sanitizing service includes: Cleano-Nano 90D uses a surface coating disinfectant based on Nano Technology to give assured cleansed surfaces for 90 days. We employ chemicals made by world leaders like Diversey, which are highly regarded. To ensure protection from hazardous microorganisms, the best-in-class sanitizing equipment are utilized, ensuring that homes, offices, hospitals, religious places, and other environments are kept clean and healthy. Our most recent addition is ZeroVir, a line of intelligent, mobile app-controlled, fully automated UVC-based permanent and fully automatic sanitising systems that provide an efficient barrier of protection against the fatal virus in the houses of urban gated community residents.

While you win your battle and bring your love home, we will be at war for you defeating our enemy for you to take care of you. Trust cleanomatics to bring you the peace of mind you need, sense of safety you want and the safe homely abode you deserve.

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