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What COVID-19 has explicitly taught us is that viruses very well can prevail on surfaces and get transmitted through touch if not properly disinfected and sanitized. And thus, office electronics cleaning & sanitizing services became so cardinal during such times.

Although the Great Pandemic forced every individual to work from home, not everyone could have adhered to that norm. Many had to make regular trips to their offices. And that is exactly why CDC guidelines mandated regular corporate cleaning.

Hiring corporate cleaning services proffer multiple benefits. Professionals know exactly what and how much solution to use to disinfect without causing damage to your office’s electronics.

Sanitize Your Electronics Judiciously

It is compulsory to wear protective gear (disposable gloves) while spraying an EPA-approved cleaning chemical for wiping and disinfecting electronics. A mixture of 70% of alcohol and 30% of water can also do the trick.

If you plan on wiping your touchscreens and other glass surfaces, make sure to wipe them in one direction to avoid scratches. After every wipe, it is essential to dispose of every protective gear and cloth used for the clean-up.

Companies like Cleanomatics aim to disinfect your business space in no time. The dynamic support of Max Guard 201, a special chemical disinfectant, is proven to kill every last living pathogen. It complies with WHO-GMP supervision and US EPA standards, thereby providing a safer environment.

Hydrogen Peroxide, The New COVID Potion

Hydrogen peroxide has proven to be one of the most effective chemicals for sanitizing chairs, desks, and computers. These surfaces that come in direct contact regularly need to be disinfected.

3% of hydrogen peroxide is advisable to use when cleaning surfaces. It is essential to let the solution sit on the concerned surface for at least ten minutes to get absorbed and do its magic.

Clean Down Surfaces With Isopropyl Alcohol

There are certain healthy sanitising habits that every employee should practice. Using tissues and buds laced with isopropyl alcohol help sanitise and disinfect phones, earphones, computer devices, and the like. Once wiped, give it some time to dry before touching them. Such habits go a long way to prevent the spread of the virus and other deadly germs.

So, you see, every bit counts!

Perks Of Electronic Cleaning Solvents

Electronic cleaning solvents are used to keep the surface of your laptops, desks, and other bases clean. In addition, it also ascertains the product’s reliability and productivity. IPA electronic cleaning solvent is one of the safest solutions used to clean plastics and remove contamination from PCBs (printed circuit board). It is a 100% ozone friendly chemical that is one of the best choices for cleaning electronics.

Better And Faster Way To Clean Office Spaces

Allotting time for separate cleaning assignments, like emptying the trashcans, using traditional and old-school vacuum cleaners, takes up more time and more contact. Office cleaning services ensure to use advanced carts with in-built battery charged vacuums to increase efficiency. This simultaneously allows dusting, vacuuming, and emptying trashcans within a minute!

Devices like ride-on vacuum cleaners make the process of cleaning different aisles quick. It requires lesser labor and is most certainly cost-effective.

The use of damp mop over the traditional mop and bucket method has also found more precedence. The former uses a washable head that prevents reusing the same water twice, thereby preventing cross-contamination between spaces.

Glass Mops Clean The Remote Surfaces

Cleaning glass windows and doors is extremely crucial to prevent germ flow. Just imagine how many times your office employees touch the office’s glass doors. You will lose count!

Thus, to keep the glass surfaces germ-free and immaculate, it is critical to use a glass mop to clean the entire base. Glass mops allow you to scrape every unreachable spot without wasting paper.

Practicing constant sanitizing rituals and good hand hygiene can reduce the bacterial and virus spread to 99%. Thus, it is pivotal for an office to maintain Infection Prevention and Control Training meetings. This will also help to keep the office space a happy, healthy, and delightful space for work.

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