Home And Workplace Sanitization Checklist Cleaning And Sanitizing Services

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Home And Workplace Sanitization Checklist – Cleaning And Sanitizing Services

Amid the outbreak of the violent pandemic, keeping your houses and workplace sanitized is pivotal to a healthy life. Searching for the best Sanitizing services near me has become crucial for every household to enjoy breathing clean air. Established cleaning agencies like Cleanomatics help you with services like deep cleaning and the state-of-the-art UV treatment to wear off the harmful viruses and sweep your house clean.

Residential and Workplace Sanitization Checklist For An Enhanced Cohabitation

Various renowned home cleaning services in Gurgaon and Noida, like Cleanomatics, aim to build a house devoid of germs and bacteria for better living. And what is better than deep cleaning to terminate the harmful pathogens!

Professional deep cleaning services proffered by Cleanomatics and other cleaning and sanitizing services in Noida paves a healthier environment for you to cohabit peacefully. With reduced chances of disease spread, your house will no longer come under the radar of harmful pathogens.

Deep cleaning is the perfect solution for boosting employee morale and productivity in your company. Imagine working in an office space where the air stinks and your work station is straight up dirty. No one likes to work in a septic environment. Thus, by ensuring proper functioning HVAC systems and cleaner and fresher air, you can enhance employee’s morale and performance.

You can enjoy a safer environment and also keep your business buoyant by conducting regular check-ups and meeting the fundamental sanitary guidelines with the help of competent office cleaning and sanitizing services, like Cleanomatics.

The Ultramodern UV Treatment

The futuristic discovery of the UV treatment has proven to kill over 99% of bacteria and harmful germs from any surface over a short period. It is a non-toxic invention that is unapologetically human-friendly. The use of UV light to terminate pathogens is far more effective than any other traditional method of sanitization.

Did you know that UV treatment is a dry method? It leaves no room for fungal growth while quelling viruses. It is an affordable disinfecting technology that every citizen is going gaga over. By hooking up with Cleanomatics, you can experience 100% effectiveness of this state-of-the-art technology.

Keeping Clothes Germ-Free

Along with keeping your house clean, it is crucial for your skin to embrace clean clothes. With Cleanomatics and other such reputable home cleaning services in Gurgaon and Noida, you can enjoy impeccable dry-cleaning, steam-ironing, and laundry facilities. It is advisable to deep clean your outfits once worn outside to wear off any traces of viruses.


Red Spots For A Germ Outbreak

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), your disinfectants must comprise at least 70% alcohol to kill off germs from surfaces successfully. Some of the most important spaces to get rid of harmful microbes are:

  • Door knobs/handles and railings/banisters
  • Windows
  • Cabinets
  • Kitchen hardware, sinks
  • Electronics and remote controls
  • Bedding and mattress
  • Curtains, carpets, and cushion covers
  • Light switches and nightstands
  • Floor tiles and wooden surfaces
  • Bathtubs and toiletries
  • Garbage disposals

So, live a stress-free life amidst the pandemic by adhering to the sanitary checklist. Rely on the pioneers of residential and office cleaning and sanitizing services, like Cleanomatics, and enjoy breathing without hesitation!

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