Book Cleanomatics Sanitizing Services to Disinfect Your Homes in The Time of Covid

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Book Cleanomatics’ Sanitizing Services to Disinfect Your Homes in The Time of Covid

How cautious is too cautious? Well, COVID-19 has surely changed the way we look at cleaning services including home sanitizing services now. You can never be too cautious. Especially, when it comes to your loved ones, your family, the most important people in your life. It is devastating enough that we have lost many superheroes fighting the COVID-19 battle. While we mourn the death of lost one, it is critical that we safeguard our family.

Isn’t it true that our love for our family knows no bounds? Isn’t it true that you’re doing everything you can to strengthen your defences against the deadly COVID-19 virus? Cleanomatics with its highly skilled professionals takes care of your family as much as you do. We know that we can never match your level of care and affection for your loved ones. However, we definitely do not give anything less than our 100%. After all, you matter. Your family is our family.

You must go through a thousand different articles on a daily basis that tell you what to do and what to avoid and the lost goes on. We’re sure you’re eating healthy food and even washing the food with different things so you do not carry the virus home. Moreover, you are cleaning every corner of your home with your mop and you want to ensure that nothing gets through that shield to your family. We all visit the WHO page once every day to track the leads on the new virus, we keep a tab on the latest guidelines on precautions and safety measures. From things as basic as washing our hands to defend against the coronavirus is something, we’re all doing more of right now. Antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizers, and soaps are flying off the shelves as people take extra precautions to avoid spreading germs.

Hygiene has been a hot topic since the start of the coronavirus pandemic last year. Moreover, it’s only becoming more relevant now that news of a new strain is dominating the headlines. Simple personal hygiene steps such as hand washing, using a face mask and using hand sanitizer when out and about are all known to help prevent the spread of this and other illnesses. Sanitization is a proactive and preventative strategy for limiting the spread of SARS-CoV2. Since there is no foolproof way to combat the current COVID-19 pandemic, sanitization is crucial. When there is so much already going on, so much stress that you are dealing with, we at Cleanomatics, have chosen to step up our game for you. We are jumping into the picture, because we care for you. And hey, we will get through this, together.

The Coronavirus Has Altered the Concept of Home Sanitizing Services

In the year 2019 B.C. (Before Coronavirus), homeowners or their housekeepers could clean their homes by simply scrubbing, wiping, dusting, and vacuuming. However, several homeowners are now recruiting contractors for home sanitizing services to clean their homes with advanced equipment and chemicals in order to protect themselves and their families from the deadly infection.

 We, at Cleanomatics, have taken a firm step to provide the best home sanitizing services. Didn’t we say we would step up our game? So, how can we be certain that the extra time we spend cleaning is really protecting us and our families from COVID-19 and other germs? Here’s what you need to know about cleaning to keep bacteria and viruses out of your building. Cleanomatics has always been at the forefront of ensuring that everyone has access to a clean, sanitary, hygienic, and healthy environment.

Our super-premium sanitizing service, Cleano-Nano 90D, guarantees sanitized surfaces for 90 days using a nanotechnology-based surface coating disinfectant. We use chemicals made by world leaders like Diversey. To ensure protection from dangerous bacteria, we use the best-in-class sanitizing devices to keep safe our households, workplaces, hospitals, religious places, and other environments. New to our family is zerovir , a line of intelligent, mobile app regulated, fully automated UVC based permanent and fully automatic sanitizing systems that provide an important barrier of protection against the deadly virus at the homes of urban gated community residents.

We will provide you with specialist home sanitizing services within 72 hours of the case being identified if you have a confirmed or suspected case of Coronavirus on your premises. Our skilled superheroes and your protection is our top priority. Therefore, we go above and beyond the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines with our rigorous risk-based infection management measures.

Our skilled superheroes, for example, wear full-face respirators rather than half-face respirators to ensure complete safety. The spread of coronavirus, and every other virus for that matter, can be prevented by keeping your home squeaky clean and disinfected and when every nook and corner is sanitized. If no one in your household has symptoms or has been diagnosed with the virus, the virus’s chances of surviving on a surface in your home are slim. However, this does not rule out the possibility of danger, especially if any family member wants to leave the house.

A recent study in the USA found the virus could last up to three days on stainless steel and plastic surfaces, and up to one day on cardboard. Factors like outside temperature affect the survival rate of the virus. Instead of stressing out and worrying about each and everything, how about you just sit back, relax and take a deep breath? Because we are here to take care of you, and ensure that we prepare the best shield for you against COVID-19.

Few Things You Can Do to Protect Your Home from The Invading Virus

What and How Do You Clean Your Home’s Surfaces?

Clean high-touch surfaces on a regular basis, in fact daily, and especially after guests have visited your home

High-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, chairs, handles, light switches, and countertops, are a good place to start

To scrub, spray the surface with distilled white vinegar and rub it down with a clean cloth, or simply use warm water and a microfiber cloth, or a cleaning cloth dipped in detergent solution and wrung out completely

Make Your Disinfectant Work Harder

It’s not just the ingredients that determine how good a disinfectant is at destroying germs and viruses; it’s also the amount of time it’s left to function, known as contact time. To get the most out of your disinfectant, this ‘contact period’ is needed.

‘Use a product that promises to destroy 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, and leave it to function for at least one minute, but preferably three minutes, on a hard surface.’

Leave Your Shoes By The Door

Shoes not only bring dirt into our houses, but they also have the ability to bring germs with them. As a result, it’s best to make your home a “shoe-free” zone. Keep your hard floors clean on a regular basis

Start by vacuuming or sweeping hard floors to remove any loose dirt, then mop with a warm disinfectant solution

Ensure avoiding over-wetting laminate flooring, as this may cause it to warp

Do Not Forget To Pay Attention To Your Shared Devices

Microbes may be attracted to technology that is used by the whole family, such as the home phone, remote controls, computer keyboards, and game console controllers

To clean them, begin by wiping away dust with a soft cloth. This followed by wiping away grime with a microfibre cloth spritzed lightly with water. Finally, wipe away germs and viruses with a clean cloth spritzed with a disinfectant solution

Cleaning the tiny spaces between buttons with a cotton bud is a good idea

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Steam

When it comes to destroying germs, steam is an excellent ally, and it can even help lift dirt and grime

Steam cleaners can be used on a variety of waterproof and sealed surfaces throughout the house. They can be used on clean ovens and hobs with the right attachments. However, they cannot be used on wooden floorboards.

You should also ensure wearing gloves whilst cleaning your house. You must not forget to dispose of your gloves once done and wash your hands with a good disinfectant. Make sure that you wash your hands at least 20 seconds. Use a sanitizer too! 

You do not have to worry at all because your Cleanomatics family is here to take care of you. We’re just a call away from giving you a germ-free, bacteria-free, and virus-free beautiful, and healthy house. We’re merely one dial away!

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