Best Ways To Clean Your Laminate Floorin

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Laminate floor cleaning services help keep the floors durable and moisture-resistant. A laminate flooring is cost-effective. It adds an aesthetic look to your house and also offers warranty against fades and stains. 

With the use of dry mops and vacuum cleaners, you can achieve stainless laminate flooring. It can withstand abrasions, and therefore, requires very less maintenance.

Advice For Cleaning Laminate Flooring by Floor Cleaning Services

One way to achieve impeccable flooring is to timely run a vacuum cleaner over your laminate surface to get rid of dirt. Professional floor cleaning services in Gurgaon and Noida never use abrasive soaps and waxes to clean laminate floors as they take away its glow and shine.

Sweeping and vacuum cleaning are two ways to clean laminate floors. If you spill liquids, make sure to wipe it clean immediately and dry mop it to remove any signs of moisture.

Use Of Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaners

The best home cleaning services in Delhi majorly work with wet and dry vacuum cleaners to dust clean the laminate floors. Hooking up with professional cleaning agencies, like Cleanomatics, results in a spotless clean floor.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners, both help in cleaning both liquid and solid wastes. They carefully clean laminate floors and prove to be highly effective for both residential and commercial clean-up.

Laminate Prefers Diversey Chemicals

Diversey, the U.S. based cleaning product company, proves to be the best! The products – TASKI R2 and R4 are some of the common products that our professionals use. Here’s why! These tenacious products are known to sanitize and disinfect laminate floors.

First, TASKI R2, an all-purpose cleaning agent, is used to clean laminate floors. Post which, TASKI R4 is used to polish the wooden, laminated floors.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Cleaning Laminate Floors

If you plan to clean laminate floors all by yourself, refrain from using the following products:

  • Water – Water is your laminate floor’s worst enemy since it can cause damage to your laminate boards by seeping inside, leading to swelling and delamination.
  • Bleach and other soap-based detergents – Harsh chemicals like bleach scratch the surface from its natural polish. As a result of which, laminate floors lose their shine!
  • Rotating brushes – Cleaners that operate on rotating brushes (like single disc machines) should be kept away from laminate floors. The rotating bristles are extremely dangerous since they cause scratches on the surface.

Regular dry mopping the floor is key in maintaining its durability. It is not difficult to sustain laminate surfaces. Adhering to the rules is enough for you to enjoy a clean, sparkling laminate floor!

Relying on house cleaning and sanitizing services in Gurgaon and Noida will allow you to walk freely on your laminate floor. We ensure to wipe clean all stains off your laminate boards with our excellent cleaning solution.

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