Anti-Termite Treatment to Secure Your Construction Inside Out

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Often people are blindsided by the colourful construction work and fail to deal with termite control consciously. Prepping the house from outside gets the upper hand and defeats the importance of a competent anti termite treatment. It is one of the most common mistakes that people make, which in the long run leads to several damages and repair work, and becomes a burden on your time and wallet. Keeping the construction work fit from inside out is pivotal to your safe living. 

Approach Construction with An Effective Anti-Termite Treatment Plan

There can be no construction without wood, and there can be no termite without wood! Wherever there is wood, there will be a potential termite outbreak. According to studies, homeowners spend up to an average of $3,000 on termite damage repair.

Places characterized by alkaline and alluvial soils, like Delhi, benefit the most from the anti termite chemical, fipronil. Depending on companies like Cleanomatics can guide you throughout your pre- and post-anti termite treatment procedure with the help of popular and worthwhile termite control products like Bayer.

Pre and Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment Procedure

It is necessary to undertake a preconstruction anti termite treatment procedure to create a strong foundation. It enables to block any pathway for the termites to creep inside the building from the soil. Skilled technicians know how to handle the most authentic anti termite chemicals like Premise SC and Agenda 25 EC. These chemicals are perfect for both pre- and post-construction anti termite treatment procedures.

Represented by Bayer, Premise is a well-known insecticide containing about 30.5% SC that provides in the exposure of termites. It does not eliminate the toxic pests but brings them out to the surface level for better termination and control.

Agenda 25 EC is another efficacious Bayer termite control product that delivers long-term protection against termites. It contains fipronil that makes it a must-have at construction sites. It protects houses and prevents wood damage.

When mixed with water, Agenda makes for one of the best non-repellent termiticides. It gets transferred from one termite to another through contact. It is the epitome of the colony management effect. Its fipronil concentration causes a deadly reaction to the pests’ central nervous systems that eventually lead to their extermination.

Damages Caused by Termites

Known as the “silent killers,” termites love feasting on wood, which leads to considerable property damage. Before entering your newly built house, it is always wiser to check for signs of termites. Thus, we reach our hands out to every builder by providing our fruitful anti termite treatment in Delhi.

Leaving a preconstruction termite control procedure unchecked can lead to future complications leading to the formation of termite nests inside your house once you settle. The most common disasters caused by a termite infestation will lead to buckling wood, damaged wooden furniture, unpleasant odour, staining, and visible mazes and hollow sections.

A termite outbreak can also cause a structural imbalance that can be highly deleterious and fatal when living in earthquake-prone regions. Thus, to stabilize the base and foundation beneath your feet, it is, of utmost importance, to pay more attention to anti termite treatment in construction.

So, hook up with the most reliable termite control company immediately to benefit from the best termite control products (Bayer). Our professionals ensure to leave you behind with a sturdy structure devoid of pests.

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