Germs Free – Deep Cleaning Augmented by Artificial Intelligence for Optimized Services & Customer Experience

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Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are being widely adopted across every sector including the commercial cleaning industry. AI has proven to outsmart the manual functioning and reduce the percentage of ‘human error’ whilst making the process more efficient. Applying of cutting edge technology in the cleaning service industry has resulted in innovative approach, better results and customer experience. Cleaning Service agencies now employ the services of AI aided cleaning robots that can detect and clean even the remotest corners.

In today’s world, time is the most valuable commodity for working professionals. Since the current generation is short on time and have everything easily available online and accessible through smartphones then why should the on-demand cleaning be left behind. The professional cleaning industry is evolving with robotic solutions entwined with artificial intelligence and machine learning, wherein, companies gather relevant information about the customer’s needs and provide services accordingly. The smart technology is helping in better understanding service requirements and improved customer relationship management.

The industry is taking the digital route for monitoring, pay and feedback- with internet of things (IoT) systems combined with machine learning algorithms, it is a win-win situation for both the clients and the service providers. The AI-enabled level of monitoring ensures right data storage and deep analysis that can evaluate the exact requirement and schedule an on-demand service, accordingly.

At the time when the world is going through COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning and sanitization is the utmost priority everywhere around (both office and home spaces). Now-a-days, people are confined to their home which makes it imperative to give equal importance to house cleaning as much as to personal hygiene, every day. While every person wants to have a tidy home or office, they don’t have the time to clean, which is why the commercial cleaning industry has widely rolled out artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT technology for a quick and effectual service. Cleaning service companies such as Cleanomatics are stepping up their services, assuring to take complete care of your cleaning requirements.  Cleanomatics have launched Germ Busters,its flagshipDeep Cleaning Services for Germs & Virus Free Offices and Homes that come with optimum protection against the dreaded COVID19 virus.

For Indoor Sanitization, Cleanomatics uses Max Guard 201, a specially designed Chemical Disinfectant for areas like Offices, Commercial Complexes, and Residencies etc. The disinfectant used, is made under strict adherence to WHO-GMP supervision / certification and complies with US EPA standards.

Outdoor sanitization is done with STAS SHCT, a highly potent Sodium HypoChlorite formulation, recommended by the Govt. of INDIA. It is used to disinfect outdoor areas such as Parking Lots, Open Areas, Roads, Outside of Buildings etc.

Meanwhile, with higher investment in research and development, manufacturers are innovating new technologies that are changing the face of cleaning industry. From robot vacuums, automated floor scrubbers that can navigate themselves around a building to self-cleaning windows, AI and ML are redefining the way cleaning is done. Professional companies like Cleanomatics are procuring the best of available AI-equipments that increase efficiency with three dimensional cleaning. The cleaning professionals are provided with necessary trainings to use the developed technological tools while ensuring the cleaning team can execute services that meet customers’ expectations.

As the cleaning industry continues to evolve, AI will continue to play a fundamental role in the process of thorough cleaning of spaces. Presently as well, the benefits of technology used are evident, with proven efficiency and positive social impact
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